The Best Drones Are The Ones You Make Yourself

One the biggest issues in the drone community is that it’s becoming too popular too quickly. Even though this can drive innovation, it also encourages a lot of manufacturers to make cheap, crappy drones so that they can fill their pockets up as fast as possible with little concern for the consumers.
So what happens? Well you get a radio controller that barely does 30 meters in range, you have batteries that last about 5 minutes and a quadcopter that can barely fly in a stable manner. I suppose you shouldn’t expect much when you’re spending under $50 for a complete solution but I feel this is going to give off a bad first impression to people that would otherwise have a great experience with a properly built drone.

Putting together a solid drone

You see, you can do so many things with drones that are well put together. You get stable flights, great optics in terms of FPV and cameras… you can go for longer flight times or even opt for a fast flying racer. The choice is yours and when you build your own drone, you get to use high quality parts that won’t break the second you run into a tree. (Although it depends on how fast you run into the tree)

The beauty of putting a drone together yourself is that if something goes wrong, then because you’ve spent the time and effort building it, you’ll be able to repair it with the proper parts. Now I understand this won’t appeal to everyone, but if we could meet in the middle and have modular drones built by manufacturers, I think we’d have a good fight.

Building it yourself

Think of the computer industry and home built computers. There are standards in terms of slots and components which allow consumers to go out and put together a system without much hassle. We would want drones to go that way as well.


Right now, building a drone from scratch can be intimidating (even though it shouldn’t be) and yet, it remains the best solution for anyone that really wants to get into the hobby. For instance, I’m in the process of upgrading my current drone racer to have a better FPV system that will provide better range in the midst of obstacles. Right now the 5.8Ghz system I’m using is great when you have line of sight but it has issues when there are walls in the way.

Fortunately, upgrading is as simple as getting a new receiver and I’m done!

Well, there we have it, that’s why the best drone in the world is the one that you build yourself.

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